Urology Course for 4th and 6th year Students of General Medicine




Dear students,


during the last academic year, we started curriculum reconstruction of the subject Urology at the First Faculty of Medicine, i.e. the subject was replaced from the 6th to the 4th grade. As a result of this reconstruction, there will be parallel education of both 4th and 6th grades in two consecutive academic years. Additionally, the situation in the last academic year has been complicated due to covid-19 restrictions resulting in fully distance learning.



The doubled amount of students in our department requires adjustment of the education program. In the upcoming academic year 2021/2022, the theoretical education is going to be hybrid with both on-site lectures and online video lectures. The practical part of education remains unchanged. An individual approach in the clinical training is absolutely essential to gain the maximum experience. That’s why we co-operate with urological departments in other hospitals, where students can do their practical training in smaller groups.



The subject takes 2 weeks (2 × 25 hrs). In the first week, there are on-site lectures on Monday and Thursday plus practical training of catheterisation on simulators on Wednesday. The rest of the week is dedicated for distance self-study. On Thursday of the first week, the theoretical part of the subject will be terminated by an interactive lesson, during which illustrative urological case reports will be discussed.


Schedule of topics:


Monday: Introduction, characteristics of urology, system of the clinical rotation. (MUDr. Novák Jan / MUDr. Hradec / MUDr. Fiala)


Microbiology (MUDr. Adámková), Imaging methods in urology (MUDr. Černý), Urinary tract obstruction (lithiasis, renal colic), BPH.


Wednesday: Practical training of urinary bladder catheterisation using medical phantoms.


Thursday: Allocation of the students for practical training. (MUDr. Novák Jan / MUDr. Hradec / MUDr. Fiala)


Prostate cancer. Interactive lesson and consultations.




The second week of the subject is dedicated to the practical training, which takes place at various urological departments in following hospitals:


  • Department of Urology, General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine (Urologická klinika VFN a 1. LF UK),
  • Department of Urology, Central Military Hospital, Prague – Střešovice (Urologické oddělení ÚVN v Praze – Střešovice),
  • Department of Urology, University Hospital Bulovka, Prague (Urologické oddělení Fakultní nemocnice Bulovka), and
  • Department of Urology, Regional Hospital Kladno (Urologické oddělení Oblastní nemocnice Kladno) –


– starting on Friday of the first week until Thursday of the second week.


Students have the opportunity to assist or observe surgical procedures in the operating theatre. They can visit general urological outpatient department or specialized clinics like urodynamics, oncourology, pediatric urology etc. During morning ward rounds, the physicians together with students examine hospitalized patients and discuss representative clinical cases. Based on the credit system, the structure of the practical training is to a certain extent optional according to personal preferences of students. An individual approach, which is absolutely essential for the practical training, is provided by allocating students to several urological departments. The educational quality of all urological departments is comparable. Regarding credit system and minimal required attendance, same rules apply at all departments.


Students get their credits for attending the theoretical part of the education and collecting sufficient amount of points (credits) in activities listed in practical part at the end of the rotation. The participation in these activities will be checked by attendance sheets at the secretary Petra Sedlická (Department of Urology, General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine).


EXAMINATION: The exams start on Friday of the second week of the clinical rotation. Additional exams take place the week following the clinical rotation – these exam terms are reserved only for the students who already finished their clinical rotation. Usually 5 students are examined at each time slot. In next weeks, usually one time slot for 5 students is being opened each week during the rest of the academic year. The exams take place on the 5th floor of the Department of Urology, General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine. The exam dates will be published in advance. The application for exams via SIS only.


CONTACT: Organization of the clinical rotation – Ms Petra Sedlická, phone: +420 224 967 050, petra.sedlicka@lf1.cuni.cz.


CONSULTATIONS: English parallel – send your questions to:

petra.sedlicka@lf1.cuni.cz   or  jan.novak@lf1.cuni.cz.



                 prof. MUDr. Viktor Soukup, Ph.D.                                 MUDr. Jan Novák, FEBU, FECSM

               Head of the Department of Urology                                     Deputy Head for Education