Subject Urology for the 4th Grade of General Medicine




Dear students,


during the last two academic years, we reorganized the curriculum of the subject Urology at the First Faculty of Medicine, i.e. the subject was transfered from the 6th to the 4th grade. During this challenging period (double amount of students, various epidemiological restrictions), we gained experience, that we could have applied in the formation of the new curriculum, which is solely intended for the 4th grade.


If feasible, the 2-week clinical rotation is on-site (2 × 25 hrs). In the first week, there are daily on-site theoretical lessons including illustrative case reports on particular topics. The theoretical week ends up on Friday with a practical training of urinary bladder catheterisation and a hands-on training in urological ultrasonography. The second week is dedicated to the practical training (see below).


Schedule of topics in the first week:

Monday: Introduction, characteristics of urology; Urological examination; Microbiology; Haematuria; Upper and lower urinary tract infections; Case reports

Tuesday: Acute scrotum; Imaging methods in urology; Urinary stone disease; Obstructions; Case reports

Wednesday: Urothelial cancer; Renal cancer; Testicular cancer; Case reports

Thursday: BPH, Prostate cancer; Voiding disorders; Case reports

Friday: Practical training of urinary bladder catheterisation using medical phantoms; Hands-on training in urological ultrasonography


The second week:

The second week of the subject is dedicated to the practical training.

Conditions at the Department of Urology, General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine (Urologická klinika VFN a 1. LF UK) to pass the subject and get the credit are following. The credits will be given after reaching certain minimal amount of credit points. These credit points will be given after participation in listed activities. The choice of the activities is based on the students’ preference and is thus to a certain extent optional.

Recently, we included the so-called “shadowing” in the list of optional activities, i.e. the student has got the opportunity to attend ward round, morning meeting and subsequently all the morning programme (ORs or OPDs) with an individual physician. This step is our reaction to the students’ logical request to spend their clinical rotation as efficiently as possibly. An individual approach, which is absolutely essential for the practical training, is provided by allocating students to several urological departments.


The practical training takes place at various urological departments in following hospitals:

  • Department of Urology, General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine (Urologická klinika VFN a 1. LF UK),
  • Department of Urology, Central Military Hospital, Prague – Střešovice (Urologické oddělení ÚVN v Praze – Střešovice),
  • Department of Urology, University Hospital Bulovka, Prague (Urologické oddělení Fakultní nemocnice Bulovka), and
  • Department of Urology, Regional Hospital Kladno (Urologické oddělení Oblastní nemocnice Kladno).


The training objectives don’t differ among particular departments – the students participate in the operation of both OPDs and ORs. The educational quality of all urological departments is comparable. Regarding credit criteria and minimal required attendance, same rules apply at all departments.


Based on attendance sheets, the credits will be given and registered to SIS by the secretary (Petra Sedlická, Department of Urology, General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine) at the end of the clinical rotation.


EXAMINATION: The exams start on Friday of the second week of the clinical rotation. Additional exams take place the week following the clinical rotation – these spots are reserved only for the students who already finished their clinical rotation. There will be at least 1 time slot on Tuesday, 2 slots on Wednesday, and 2 slots on Thursday (max. 5 students are examined at each time slot).

In next weeks, usually at least 1 time slot for 5 students is being opened each week during the rest of the academic year. The exams take place on the 5th floor of the Department of Urology, General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine. The exam dates will be published in advance. The application for exams via SIS only.


CONTACT: Organization of the clinical rotation – Ms Petra Sedlická, phone: +420 224 967 050.

CONSULTATIONS: English parallel and Erasmus students – send your questions to: or


                      prof. MUDr. Viktor Soukup, Ph.D.                    MUDr. Vojtěch Fiala         

                    Head of the Department of Urology           Deputy Head for Education