Poděkování za lékařskou péči 9.11.2020


Dobry Den,


Ja jsem pacientka Doktory Yvony Pichlikové.

Kvuli tomu, ze jsem cizinka, chtela bych radsi napsat v anglistine.


I would like to express my gratitude and admiring to the work Doctor Yvona Pichlikova does. My name is G. S. and I am being her patient for almost 5 years.

Doctor Pichlikova is really a professional, thinking out of the box (creatively) for different solutions, testing thoroughly and also having a lot of empathy and patience.  She applies a lot of efforts to define correct treatment and supports patients going through treatments.


Being Doctor is really a honor and important job of saving and improving our lives. I would express more but no words can express gratitude to the person who improve quality of our lives.


I hope my email will be channeled to the proper stakeholder.


Předejte prosím tento email vedení oddělení.


Best Regards,

G. S.